Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Birthday

6 March, my birthday......................... What a day. If what my collegues say, is anything to go by, then this month will be a very good month. Pity I can't share the exciting news, Don't worry, I'm also under suspense coz I took the day off.

Any way, it's been a while since I blogged. I've been reading a book about lessons from Shaka Zulu's leadership, so far, it's good. One has already started applying the lessons and they seem to work.

By the way, life has been even better ever since I started blogging. The thing is, I haven't been in contact with the outside world for quite a while and I had my good reasons for it. I felt I had to re-energize myself in isolation, so that I can come back and approach the world with a very bold and positive attitude. Now that I'm back, the rewards are amazing. Life is FRESH. VIBRANT. EXCITING. and full of opportunities for me now. I LOVE IT.

Okay, today I'm officially 27 years old. Thanks to all those that wished me well.

I'd love to continue, but I've got some work to do.

LIFE IS GOOOOOOD........................

Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Revelation

Tonight, a new clock has started ticking, bringing to life a new world waiting to be discovered. Tonight, consiousness of a variety of important aspects of life has just been revealed. From now on, I live to conquer what I rightfully deserve. Business, leadership, studies, happiness and success are just some of the things to be conquered by me. This post, serves as a pledge to stay fully commited to this new and exciting revelation. Thx Seki.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bad day

Wednesday, 6 Feb 2008, what a crappy day :-(
My day started well (at about 05:34), I was energetic, feeling refreshed, preparing for work and all.Then I left for work (bad move). First, I must drop my kid at a local creche. The drive takes less than 10 minutes on normal days, but today was not one of those normal days. The traffic was terrible, it took me over 45 minutes just to get to the creche. My daughter almost missed breakfast bcoz of it. Anyway, seeing that I'm a patient individual, I continued with my journey after I dropped her as if nothing happened. There I am on my way to work. To get from the creche to work takes me 20 on good days, today it was 50 minutes.

So, I finally made it to work feeling so drained and annoyed. Then, one by one came emails from different clients, complaining as if there is no tomorrow, slowly drowning my day from worse to intolerable. #&F*%#$*&$#%&K*$........That's all I'm willing to reveal about this ordeal.

So, my only hope was getting home and enjoy my wife's company & all the privileges that come with her. Was I wrong or was I wrong.Well, we went to the gym, came back, and to my dissappointment, the MIGHTY SLEEP consumed her. Eish.........

My computer never dissappointed me, not even once. So, here I am, with my blog. Heaven knows what websites I'll be visiting tonight.......

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hello World

(04 Feb 2008) - Another day in the life of the B.O.B. I feel so refreshed. Just came back from the gym. Went there with my wife, as always. Unfortunately, she's mad at me coz I asked if we could leave early. The thing is, we usually exercise for an hour, but today I had enough after 30 mins. So, I asked that weleave. I could see she was annoyed, I didn't understand why (in fact, I still don't). By the way this is something I do almost everytime we go there. But usually, she ignores me or persuade me to stay for another 30 mins, and I manage it fairly well. BUT, not today. I guess it was not my lucky day.

Okay, So, we came back, I took a nice hot shower, then filled my belly with umphokoqo namasi (yeah). Then I rushed to my PC, to start my very first blog. It is now over 30 mins since I tried connecting to the Internet, NO LUCK :-(I'm not sure whether it is GPRS or the network I'm using. So, seeing that I'm so eager to do this blogging thing, I am writing this in none other than.............NOTEPAD (Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa). Don't ask me why I'm using Notepad, I just felt like it.

Anyway, I was hoping to write something meaningful on this, but I thought I'd vent out my frustrations first.

Sir Internet, pleeeeaaaase work now.
Oh, by the way, I've restarted twice already, NO LUCK.

3 hours later, I can finally post my blog. Weeeeeeow, this is gonna be fun.................not